Fashion Is Art, Art Is Love, Love Is Real

As long as i can remember i loved to draw & to dress. Therefore people used to call me a Girly Girl.
Some still do, but they have no clue what fashion is about.Fashion is art and art is self-expression. An outfit is never just an outfit and a picture is never just a picture, it's a statement. To be fashionable means not to look nice,it's a lifestyle.
Im also inspired by United Kingdom. I love the language, but most of all i love the way people dress. I wish i could dress like them, but i cant.
I dont want to say im fashionable or whatever, but i want to say that i understand fashion.
Therefor i want to be either an artist or a fashiondesigner,living in UK,preferably in London.


HeySayJay! hat gesagt…

Den Text hätte auch ich verfassen können, du sprichst mir aus dem Herzen! Vielleicht trifft man sich ja später in London... :D

sinafantastic hat gesagt…

Wäre cool (: