I want Summer !

Thats how I had my hair this morning for school. I prefer my hair curly lately so I curl them almost everyday + I love havin some cute flowers and stuff in it, that gives me a sort of spring-feeling. Has been great weather the last couple of days, but ill snow tonight again, which I haaaaaate! There#s nothing worse than snow! SPRING WHERE ARE YOU?? I need spring so much, im sick of winter.
Im sorry i dont post frequently, but my life is sort of boring at the moment. Stayed at home the last few weekends so there is really nothing to post about. I probably will have a job at a coffe in mall, i dont know yet whether to wait till we have moved(Im gonna move in a very beautiful house with my mom & brother)which is in may.
But i think ill start soon, as I desperately need money. Uhhhhh! You know what? Im gonna have a walk-in wardrobe!!! Isnt that amazing?? Yes it is!
So im really looking forward.
Love you Followers x


Justus!? hat gesagt…

Wow, das sieht so verdammt gut aus! ;)

sinafantastic hat gesagt…

Vielen Dank (:
& danke auch fürs follown ! x